Special Edition

Learn Hong Kong Cantonese Online

Perfect for people who are moving or travelling to Hong Kong!

1.5 hour x 6 sessions

Held virtually via Zoom

Taught by a Hong Kong local

Learn fascinating Hong Kong slangs and culture

Creative Learning

Fun-filled activities and language hacks.

Course Details

Upcoming Hong Kong Cantonese Course

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6 x 1.5 Hour Course

  • 22 Aug, 29 Aug, 5 Sept, 12 Sept, 19 Sept, 26 Sept 2024 
  • Thursdays, 7.30pm to 9pm (SGT time)
  • This course will be conducted entirely via Zoom
  • SGD218, including materials
    The more the merrier. Sign up together with your friend(s) and enjoy a 10% discount each (worth $21.8)!

Course Curriculum

You’ll Learn:

  • Jyutping & Common Greetings
  • Numbers, Time & Dates
  • Common Body Parts & Medical Terms
  • Food
  • Cantonese Slangs and Idioms


Course Requirements

Good to have:

  • Minimal or no background in Cantonese
  • Positive learning attitude
  • Active participation in class activities
  • 30-minute daily practice between sessions



What Makes Our Cantonese Course Different?


Learn about Hong Kong Cantonese

How do you know if this course is for you? You want to learn more about Hong Kong Cantonese and speak like a local in Hong Kong, so that you can get around the city more efficiently. You also want to communicate more effectively with your Hong Kong colleagues, friends, and the warm locals that you meet, in order to build a deeper relationship with them. Last but not least… you want to be able to better understand TVB dramas, Hong Kong movies, and Cantonese songs without relying on subtitles!


Get Ready for Your Hong Kong Adventure

Your tutor is born and bred in Hong Kong. When you learn Cantonese with your Hong Kong tutor, you will not only pick up the language in a fun and easy manner, but you’ll also learn more about Hong Kong’s culture. In fact, your tutor has been a Hong Kong Tour Guide for 30+ years and counting. She is also a very established and respectable trainer for tour guides in Hong Kong. Fluent in English, coupled with her pursuit of service excellence, she has received many 5-stars reviews from tourists from all over the world. This course is perfect for participants who are travelling or relocating to Hong Kong. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn practical, everyday Hong Kong Cantonese directly from this industry expert!


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Learn Cantonese Today!

Did you know, according to some sources, Cantonese nearly became the official language of China? For more fun facts, join us on our next Cantonese course!

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