Special Edition

Learn Singapore Hokkien Online

Perfect for time-strapped people who can’t commit to in-person lessons.

1.5 hour x 6 sessions

Held virtually via Zoom

Taught in English

No Mandarin background required.

Creative Learning

Fun-filled activities and language hacks.

Workshop Details

Upcoming Hokkien Workshop

learn dialect workshop hokkien cantonese teochew course curriculum

Registration opens!

6 x 1.5 Hour Workshop

  • 5 June, 12 June, 19 June, 26 June, 3 July, 10 July 2024 
  • Wednesdays, 7.30pm to 9pm (SGT time) 
  • This course will be conducted entirely via Zoom
  • SGD218, including materials
    The more the merrier. Sign up together with your friend(s) and enjoy a 10% discount each (worth $21.8)!

Workshop Curriculum

You’ll Learn:

  • Common Greetings
  • Numbers, Time & Dates
  • Common Body Parts & Medical Terms
  • Hobbies, Daily Activities & Food
  • Hokkien Slangs and Idioms

Workshop Requirements

Good to have:

  • Minimal or no background in Hokkien
  • Positive learning attitude
  • Active participation in class activities
  • 30-minute daily practice between sessions



What Makes Our Hokkien Workshop Different?


Building Vocabulary, the Singaporean Way

Singapore Hokkien is unique as there are many pronunciation variations for the same word. While you can find established romanization systems or dictionaries online (e.g., Pe̍h-ōe-jī or Taiwan Romanization System), chances are, it is not how we will say it in Singapore.

In fact, a big part of your beginner’s workshop is to build up your Singapore Hokkien vocabulary. Besides learning about the basic traits of Singapore Hokkien, you will be given comprehensive notes which cover many topics. In addition, your tutor makes an extensive effort to listen and correct your pronunciation. In this way, learning becomes easier.


Efficient Learning through Fun Activities

Traditional language classes spend many sessions building vocabulary by repeating each word after the tutor multiple times. For us, we believe that if learning is not fun, you will lose the motivation to learn. Hence, it would not be effective even if you sit through many lessons.

This is why during your 6 x 1.5-hour Hokkien workshop, you will be engaged in many activities. We don’t want to give your surprises away, but let’s just say, time often flies by in a flash. By the end of your workshop, you will walk away with an improved standard of Singapore Hokkien.


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Did you know, more than 200,000 Hokkiens speak their dialect frequently in Singapore? Join us to learn Singapore Hokkien!

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