Free Hokkien Class for Beginners

by | Jan 7, 2019 | Hokkien

Update: This Free Hokkien Webinar for Beginners was held in January 2019 and is no longer available for sign-ups. However, if you are keen to learn Hokkien, please check out our upcoming Hokkien Workshop for Beginners!

Free Hokkien Webinar for Beginners

by, People’s Choice Award Winner, Leap for Good 2018, RaiSE SG

27 January 2019, 9pm – 10pm, Singapore

Our Hokkien Class is perfect for Beginners, even if you don’t have any Mandarin background. During this 1-hour Hokkien Class, you will learn:

  • Singapore Hokkien characteristics. Ever wonder why we speak Hokkien differently from Taiwanese?
  • Hokkien Phonetics. Heard of the 7 tones in Hokkien and think that you can never differentiate among them? Fret not, we share with you an easier way to learn.
  • Numbers. Is ‘one’ pronounced as “Jit” or “Yo”? We sort out this confusion for you.
  • Hokkien Slangs. What is the story or meaning behind some commonly-used phrases and how do we use it in daily conversations?
  • Q&A Session. Any burning questions for us?

Why you should attend our Hokkien Class

The importance of learning Hokkien in Singapore is often overlooked. Learn Hokkien to:

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Limited spots on a first-come-first-served basis.


  1. Jennifer koh

    Wld like to learn hokkien to get a better understanding of correct pronunciation because my hokkien is half past six

  2. Jennifer koh

    Wld like to learn hokkien..kindly update me once there’s a class thank you


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