Hokkien: COVID-19 and the Heightened Measures

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Hi there! As the situation with COVID-19 worsens, many entities including the government, corporations and individuals have come together to battle against this virus. The latest round of measures announced by the Singapore government on 3rd April 2020 is deemed to be the strictest, ever since COVID-19 first appeared in Singapore. As such, we would like to update our dialect-speaking seniors on what has happened since our last video. In this way, they are kept informed of the current situation and can better understand how we play a part together.

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English Subtitles

Hello! Covid-19, a type of coronavirus, has become a global pandemic.

As of 4th April 2020, there are about 1.1 million confirmed cases globally, with more than 60,000 deaths. In Singapore, there are more than 1000 confirmed cases with 6 deaths. To control the spread, the Singapore government has heightened measures that require everyone’s cooperation. Daily routines will be affected. For instance, you will see more people wearing masks on the streets. In addition, most shops will be closed but essential services and key economic sectors will remain functional. As such, you can still take public transport, go to the doctor and head to the banks. In addition, students and most people will be learning or working from home.

To remain vigilant during this critical period, please note that:

  1. You are strongly advised to stay home and avoid going out unnecessarily. By avoiding physical contact outside your home, the probability of contracting the coronavirus will be reduced.
  2. Always wear a mask when you head out. If you are healthy, please use a reusable mask. From 5th April 2020 to 12th April 2020. the government will be distributing a reusable mask per person. Kindly bring along your identification card for collection at a Community Centre or Residents’ Committee. However, if you are ill, use a surgical mask instead; the government distributed 4 masks per household previously. Do note that the surgical mask can only be used once.
  3. Food establishments will remain open only for takeaway or delivery. This means that you are not allowed to eat/dine-in and must consume your meals at home.
  4. Supermarkets will remain open for daily necessities and grocery needs, but please do not buy excessively. If you are a Singaporean aged 71 years and above this year, you have priority shopping privileges during the first operating hour at every NTUC outlet on Mondays. For outlets that operate 24 hours, the priority shopping hour will be on every Monday, from 7am to 8am. Similarly, you can also head to Giant and Cold Storage during the first hour of every outlet’s operating time, but on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, instead. For outlets that operate 24 hours, the priority shopping hour will be on every Tuesday and Wednesday, from 8am to 9am.
  5. Finally, please maintain good personal hygiene. In addition, staying healthy will strengthen your immunity and make you less susceptible to the virus. As such, please take good care of yourself. Remember to wash your hands frequently and for good measures’ sake, kindly maintain a safe distance from others of at least 4 metric rulers (approximately 1.2 metres)*.

Thank you.

*We used the metric ruler as a form of measurement, as we find that seniors in Singapore are more familiar with this system. The official guideline from Singapore’s Ministry of Health for safe distancing is 1 metre.

( 中文字幕 )2019冠状病毒疫情及新措施

您好!相信您已知最近有一种具有传染性的病毒。这种病毒英语叫做COVID-19, 也有人称它为Coronavirus。华语叫做2019冠状病毒,简称新冠病毒。

截至2020年4月4日, 由新冠病毒引起的疫情在全世界至今已确诊约一百十多万病例、死亡超过六万例。新加坡也有超过一千起确诊病例以及六人死亡。为了控制疫情的扩散,新加坡政府需要全国人民的合作。大家的生活习惯将有所改变,所以您会看到更多人戴上口罩。许多店铺也会暂时关闭,但是必要服务和行业会继续运作。所以, 您还是可以乘搭公共交通、看医生、去银行等。此外,学生和多数的工作人士将在家里上课及办公。

在这个非常时期,您要更加小心, 请您注意:

  1. 尽量呆在家里。只要不出门,不与他人接触,就能减少病毒传播的机率。
  2. 出门要戴口罩。如果您没生病,就应该戴上能重复使用的口罩。政府将于2020年4月5日至4月12日派发这种口罩。您可以携带身份证前往联络所或居委会领取。如果您生病但还需外出,请您戴上手术口罩。政府早前已经分发四个手术口罩给每户人家。这种口罩不能重复使用。
  1. 咖啡店、小贩中心和餐馆等将继续营业,但只允许外卖,禁止堂食。所以, 您还是能购买食物回家享用。
  2. 超市及菜市会继续营业,不过请您不要抢购囤积。每逢周一,今年71岁或以上的新加坡年长者能在NTUC营业时间的首个小时优先购物。但请注意,若该NTUC全日无休,优先购物时段则是周一早上7点至8点。此外,您也能在周二与周三到Giant 或Cold Storage优先购物。优先购物时段是Giant和Cold Storage营业时间的首个小时。 同样的,如果该Giant或Cold Storage全日无休,优先购物时段则是周二与周三,早上8点至9点。
  3. 最后,请您注意个人卫生。要懂得照顾自己,因为免疫力较强者比较不会受感染。记得勤洗手,并且为了安全起见,与其他人保持最少4尺* (约1.2米)的距离。



The video was created with the intention to reach as many Hokkien-speaking seniors in Singapore as possible. As such, we have chosen to use everyday Hokkien that most Singaporeans are used to and thus, may include some words from other languages too. In similar manner, we have also included English and Mandarin subtitles. We hope this helps to bridge the communication gap between our Hokkien-speaking seniors and our healthcare professionals, volunteers or simply anyone who is less fluent in Hokkien.

We’ve recorded this video in Teochew and Cantonese too:

Previously, we’ve also recorded a COVID-19 precautionary video in Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, Hainanese and Hakka:


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